Who I Read

My AIP Library
What's in my AIP library??? Lots of awesome books by some really awesome ladies. There are cookbooks, information, and resources galore, and I've got them all piled together in one spot. Keep checking this page out. I'll be updating it frequently!
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Books in Print
by Sarah Ballantyne
This is the AIP go-to, in my honest opinion. Sarah is one brilliant lady, and I couldn't imagine not having this book on hand to learn almost every thing you need to know.

by Sarah Ballantyne
The Cookbook sequel to the AIP go-to. Who doesn't need an amazing cookbook to go with all the awesome knowledge???

by Mickey Trescott
by Angie Alt

by Bre'anna Emmitt

by Rachael Bryant


edited by Eileen Laird
I've got exclusive recipes in this eBook too! Definitely grab a copy and quit asking, "What's for breakfast if I can't have eggs?"

The Paleo Approach Dinner Club eBook
by Sarah Ballantyne
My Review: Paleo Approach Dinner Club eBook
This is an amazing eBook full of recipes and ideas for hosting your very own AIP Dinner Party. And there are a few exclusive recipes from me!

by Dora Siah

by Laura Vein