Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bottoms Up! Bone Broth Recipe Round Up

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Bottoms Up! Bone Broth Recipe Round Up
I am frequently asked if I have a bone broth recipe on my blog. It's not a crazy question. Bone broth is probably one of the most basic foundations of eating on the Autoimmune Protocol and for very good reason. There are tons of benefits to daily bone broth consumption and gelatin and collagen supplementation. But there are also lots and lots of great articles and recipes within the AIP community and beyond. So instead of beating a dead horse to the ground, I'm supplying you with a pretty thorough round up of recipes and sources of more information.

For me personally, I don't really follow a strict recipe. Some people prefer making their broths with roasted bones, and some prefer making it with raw bones. Some people prefer using veggies, and others say nay. Some argue for the use of an acid like vinegar in the broth, while some say it doesn't matter. Honestly, I don't think there is a right or wrong way to make broth. You have the basic formulation: bones and water. Then tweak everything from there and figure out what works for you! That's why there are SO MANY different ways to make it.

I can tell you all about my personal preferences. But that's all they are. I like my broths with bones unroasted with a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar for chicken or poultry OR red wine vinegar for beef. I also prefer to skip the veggies AND the salt to make a "stock". The stock has barely any flavor which means I can use it in recipes savory AND sweet for the most flexibility.

I will also say that sometimes it's just hard to get your broth in. That's why I'm also personally a big fan of gelatin and collagen supplementation whether I'm using bone broth daily or not. They are great with helping with controlling inflammation. I prefer to use the following brand.

You can read why I prefer Vital Proteins over other brands in my Pumpkin Pie Smoothie post.

And now for the list of recipes and articles, in no particular order...

Bone Broth Recipe Roundup

Benefits of Gelatin/Collagen